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Monday, November 08, 2004

Poem: I'm free to choose my way...

Category: Personal

A poem on the spur of the moment.

You can't wait to write a verse or a poem. It just comes, and you've to write, like I wrote this one.

I don't know how it came, it comes naturally, and you've to seize the moment. Carpe Diem

I'm free to choose my way...

You rush to work
Shut your mouth
Seal your lips, and hold your tongue
Do what is told
Get back home
The pay is good
Why do you need to brood?

Not for me the way of the crowd
When I say something
I want to be heard aloud!

Kick me out
Tear me down
Don't ever think
There will be an inkling of fear or frown on my crown.

No friendship, no emotions,
No feelings, no empathy,
No connections, no good byes,
One day you're here,
The next day you're out somewhere,
No one cares,
And all that's left is a(an) (e)motionless chair!

I may stumble
I may fall, I may get it all wrong
It's my life, it's my pace
I handle it my way

I'll fail a hundred times
Live on peanuts for the rest of my life
I won't be stable
Atleast I'll be happy
I'm living my life.

The world says this is wrong
Let them say
I feel this is right
And I'm sticking to my way

God has given us a neck
Why can't we stick it out
And if there's something you feel wrong about
What's stopping you from saying it out aloud.

The money is good
The name is big
One more year
And I'll be stable and sick.

Think conservative
Act practical
Be rational
Why to heed
The words that strangle me.

The wind on my face
A song in my heart
A love to win
A dream to pursue
I'm happy
What's more I want?

The world is big
The ways are many
It's another lovely day
I'm free to choose my way...