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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Humour: Shayari

Category: Misc. Humour.

I prefer the English spelling of Humour. :-)

Maine poocha Google se
Maine poocha Google se
Mere Khayalon ki Malika kaun hai?
Mere sapno ki raani kab aayegi
Google bolaa..179 entries found!

Aaj didar, Kal yaar, Parso pyar
Phir ikraar, Aur phir intezaar
Phir-takrar, phir-daraar, saari mehnat-bekar
Aur aakhir mein
Ek aur Devdas at the Beer bar! :-)

On a serious note, I'm not the kind of a person to ever become a Devdas. Devdas was a Loser, in my books, and I'm not one! :-)

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