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Thursday, September 30, 2004

More on Pune's roads.

Category: Personal. Pune, my city!

The road from Ramwadi to Shastrinagar is full of potholes. The entire stretch of Nagar road is being concretized. A part of the road from Yerwada to Ramwadi and Shastrinagar to Yerwada had already been concretized, however that doesn't mean the authorities can't patch up the pot-holes or relay the entire tar road from Ramwadi to Shastrinagar. They should do the road repairing work at night, and not during the morning peak hours.

There are so many pot-holes on the roads, it seems like riding in a moto-cross competition.

Pune always had bad roads, if it has to catch up with Hyderabad, roads have to be the top-most priority. Good roads: tar or concrete, without any potholes.

Action Steps:

1. Relay the entire tar road from Ramwadi and beyond to Shastrinagar.
2. Do the work at night, when there is less traffic.
3. Don't patch the potholes with small-sized aggregate. After a heavy downpour the aggregate (small stones) disperses and makes the road slippery.

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