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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Answers to the Google Quiz

Category: Professional.

1. What is the meaning of Google?
Ans. The word Google is based on Googol. Google is a play on the word googol. "Googol" is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner.

2. Google gets its name from a Mathematical term. This term was popularized in a book. Which book is it?
Ans. "Mathematics and the Imagination" by Kasner and James Newman.

3. What is Google's Mission? You may call it their Company Philosophy.
Ans. Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

4. What would you associate 'BRYBGR' with?
Ans. Google's Logo. GOOGLE.

5. Who are the founders of Google? (This is an easy one)
Ans. Larry Page and Segey Brin.

6. Google was founded in which University? (Another easy one)
Ans. Stanford University.

7. What was the original name of Google?
Ans. BackRub. Based on the number of links to a site.

8. When is Google's Birthday? (This is interesting!)
Ans. 7th September

9. Google is how many years old?
Ans. Six years.

10. Google has a name for a page that provides the search trends around the world, on a weekly basis. What is this page known as?
Ans. Zeitgeist.

11. The Google Web Directory takes its data from which web site?
Ans. ODP. The Open Directory Project. www.dmoz.org.

12. What is the technology on which Google is based. (Give the name of the algorithm).
Ans. The PageRank Technology. The PageRank Algorithm.
(Provide lots of links later on).

13. Which company did Google acquire in 2003 to become the home for Blogger?
Ans. Pyra Labs.

14. Which digital image processing company did Google acquire in 2004 to complement Blogger?
Ans. Picasa.

15. How many pages does Google search? (This is easy, but do you remember it)
Ans. 4,285,199,774
428 Crore 51 Lakh 99 Thousand and 774 web pages.
4.28 Billion web pages.
An analogy. Google searches web pages that are four times the population of India.

16. Where are the India offices of Google located? (This is a very easy one)
Ans. Bangalore and Hyderabad.

17. In which language dictionary was the term 'to google' added recently?
Ans. German

18. What is the meaning of 'Google Whacking'?
Ans. Finding a single search result for two or more search terms.
Here is an example of a google whack.

19. Which keyword would you use, in your search string, to find information about your competition?
Ans. Use the related keyword. For example: related:www.searchengineguide.com

20. How will you find the number of sites linking to your web site?
Ans. Use the link: search operator. For Example: To find the number of web pages linking to the web site of The Hindu newspaper use—link:www.hindu.com This search query gives the number of sites that link to the web site of The Hindu.

21. Google Groups is an archive taken from Deja.com What is the name of the archive?
Ans. Usenet

22. What is the name of Google's Technology Playground?
Ans. Google Labs.

23. What is the symbol of Google on NASDAQ?

24. When did Google go public?
Ans. 19th August 2004

25. What was the method of allocating shares in Google's IPO?
Ans. Dutch Auction Method.

26. what is the name of Google's Paid Advertising, Sponsored listings?
Ans. Google AdWords.

27. What is the name of Google's Contextual Advertising listings?
Ans. Google AdSense displays advertisements based on the Content of the page. This is shown as Related Links in Gmail.

28. Who is the CEO of Google? (A simple one)
Ans. Dr. Eric E. Schmidt

29. Which line, a part of Google's Business Philosophy, was mentioned in their IPO filing?
Ans. Do No Evil.

30. What is the Google headquarters known as?
Ans. Googleplex.

31. What is the name of the Google Spider? (web-spider, crawler)
Ans. Googlebot. Link: Googlebot FAQs.

32. What are Google's Doodles?
Ans. Google Logos for special occasions. For example: Olympics. The latest being the one for Ray Charles' Birthday.

33. Which keyword is used in the Google Search string to access an older version of the current web page?
Ans. Use the cache: search operator. For example: cache:www.financialexpress.com.

34. Does Google accept free web site submissions?
Ans. Yes, It does. Link: Add your url to Google.

35. Are pop-up advertisements allowed on Google?
Ans. No, they aren't allowed.

36. What is the name of Google's Free web-based email service?
Ans. Gmail.

36. How many MB of free space does Google's email service provide?
Ans. 1000 Mb.

37. Two more search engines, excluding Google, have originated from this University. What is it's name?
Ans. Stanford University. Three search engines: Yahoo, Excite and Google have come from the Computer Science dept. of Stanford University.

38. Does Yahoo use Google's search results?
Ans. No, it doesn't.

39. Is Google a Meta-search engine?
Ans. No, it isn't.

40. What does Google's Web API allow to do?
Ans. With Google's Web APIs service, software developers can query the Google database, the four billion pages, directly from their own computer programs.

41. What is the name of Google's Social Networking web site?
Ans. Orkut.

42. Google opened its IPO at what rate? Give the price in USD.
Ans. $85

43. How did the founders of Google meet?
Ans. Larry Page and Sergey Brin first met as Stanford University graduate students in computer science in 1995.

44. Where is the headquarters of Google located?
Ans. Mountain View, CA, USA.

45. What is the default setting of Google Search?
Ans. Moderate.

46. What is the maximum number of results that can be displayed per page on Google?
Ans. 100 and all the results can open in a new window.

47. Name Google's Advanced Search Operators for finding titles, urls and anchor texts.
Ans. allintitle, allinurl, allinanchor, intitle, inurl, inanchor (the a href links).
(Provide examples later on).

48. Is a Google Search query Case-sensitive?
Ans. No, it isn't.

49. Google News searches how many news sources?
Ans. 4,500 news sources.

50. Approx. how many documents are searched by Google, including web, images and groups?
Ans. 6 Billion. (4.28 billion web pages, 880 million images, and 845 million newsgroups).