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Monday, September 27, 2004

Pune needs better roads.

Category: Misc.

The road from the KalyaniNagar signal to Shastrinagar, a distance of fifty metres, on Nagar Road in Pune is full of potholes. Pune needs better roads, more flyovers, traffic signals that work, and traffic sense—which is very difficult to inculcate.

If there has to be a single priority after the assembly elections next month, it has to be roads. Pune's roads need a major cosmetic surgery. However, before that they need a face-lift, so that there is a face to apply cosmetics to. :-)

What is the use and the value of an education, and of earning 'x' thousands if it doesn't instil in us the discipline to follow a simple traffic rule. Why do people always stop ahead of the zebra crossing and honk even when the lights are red?