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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Outsource Search Engine Optimization work to Chirayu from Hyderabad, India.

This is my diary, it's an online diary, so I'm using it to my advantage for some 'Marketing' too.

I'm interested in doing Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization work.
I have very good knowledge of search engines, I'm very good at online research.
I want to do freelance (independent consulting) work related to getting sites higher in the search results (SEO work). I can help with online research, marketing, search engine marketing, web design and usability and even web development. Rates will be minimal to start with.

If you're interested, please mail me.

Google relies on Page Rank for showing their search results.

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a technology used by Google to assign ranks to a page. It depends on the number of links to your site. The more the number of related, relevant links to your site, the higher up will it be in the search rankings.

For example, How to find out the most intelligent girl in class?
Depends on how many classmates know her. The more the number of intelligent boys who know her, the higher will be her popularity. A similar analogy for Google Page Rank. If you are an Industrial Manufacturer and if there are 25 pages related to manufacturing that link to your site and comparatively there's another industrial manufacturer, but for that site there are 30 pages of greetings and other sites that link back, then even though you have 25 backlinks (links to your site) for a particular keyword (say, industrial manufactuers) your site, even though with 25 links will be on top, as compared to the one with 30 links.

So in short, the more the number of content relevant links to your web site, the higher up will be your position on Google search. This is only a part of the Google ranking algorithm. It again depends on the links to those sites that link to you and their content and how frequently they are updated.

An interesting article to read is The Anatomy of a Large Scale Hypertextual Search Engine. The orginal paper presented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they started Google.

How to find out the number of sites linking to your page?
Here is an example, link:www.khojhyderabad.com On clicking on this link you will find that there are 23 links to the homepage of khojhyderabad.com and this includes the internal links too. An internal link is from a page in the web site to the homepage. An external link is from a page or the homepage of another web site.

I think I've posted a useful write-up.

I'd like to know your suggestions and yes, enquiries for SEO work, marketing, online research etc. are most welcome.