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Monday, July 19, 2004

19th July: Monday: Reached Hyd. at 08:45 this morning. Was in office by 10:20.
Bus journeys are very tiring, although, I don't feel it now, as I'm used to it.
I need atleast a three day vacation to do some work in Pune.
I reach Pune on Sat. mornings, the whole day goes in rest, Sunday is spent in talking and then it's time to head back to work. First thing I did on reaching home (Hyd)., was to say sorry to Arpee. She's a very nice girl. When things (sometimes) go wrong, never look for excuses, always find the reasons, and the reason for last Friday's brouhaha (bru-ha, a difficult word to use) was that I answered back. I should have kept quiet. I'm older to her. I've got to take care of her.

So, it's another day at work, here in Hyd.

A thought: I saw more girls (college girls, beautiful girls) in Pune in 15 minutes on M.G. Road than I did in one month in Hyd!!! Beauty is always a glance away in Pune, esp. on M.G. Road, Wadia College, F.C. Road, Symbiosis, Senapati Bapat Rd., Univ. Road, East Street, St. Mira's College and so on, while in Hyderabad, 'A Thing of Beauty is a joy for ever' is a quote best left for the green islands at Banjara Hills (the road encircling KBR Park).

No wonder, whenever, I've met/made new friends on the bus journey from Pune to Hyd./Hyd. to Pune, invariably the talk turns towards Pune gals, no city like Pune for that, even Bombay fades in front of Pune for the multitude of gals on bikes. I guess, the latest rage in town is faded jeans and sleeveless tops!

Pune rocks!! No city like Pune.
And, I've never enjoyed in Pune! After I started earning, haven't spent even one evening out on M.G. Road, checking out the gals, then sandwiches at Marz-o-Rin, Ice-creams from Pasteur, a cake at Kayani Bakery or else a cup of tea at Cafe Naaz and then the long walks from Aurora Towers to Bata and beyond, till the end of East Street. M.G. Road is a fantastic place to spend an evening in Pune. I haven't been to Barista in Pune.
Next time, I'll go home, I'll take a three day leave, find a date, get a bike and enjoy myself!