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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What did you have for lunch today?
I had the usual stuff, Three tandoori rotis, alu-palak and lassi.
Daily for the past two months I've been having lunch on almost similar lines.
Three/four Rotis, one sabji (Alu-gobi, alu-palak, alu-mutter, dal fry, alu 65, alu-chole, mix. veg., noodles) and lassi.

Why doesn't Abhishek Bachchan have a Hit film to his name? He's a good actor. I have seen a lot of his films. So what if he can't dance like Hrithik, still Abhishek Bachchan is special. I've seen Yuva, it is a good film. For a change the setting is of Kolkata and not Bombay. Abhishek's character is well-etched. The weakness is in Ajay Devgan's and Vivek's characterisations. The storyline falls there.

A thought on the spur of the moment.

In Bangalore, on RadioCity91 FM, there is this character Miss LingoLeela who teaches a new 'Kannada' word daily and then her parting line is, "Never lose an opportunity to use today's word." A thought on similar lines, "Never lose an opportunity to keep your mouth shut." :-)

Another one, "Never have second thoughts on a third opinion."
This goes into my database of original ones.

A humorous quote by Mark Twain.
"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid rather than open it and remove all doubts!"

Read a humorous quote, if I recollect correctly this is from, "I moved your cheese" a spoof on "Who moved my cheese" which deals with change and attitude.

It's about attitude. "What will you think if the glass is half-empty?"
This is hilarious. :-)
"We don't care whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, as long as it is half anything, it is time for another round!!" :-))

On Writing University Exam Papers.

My way of writing University exam papers was simple.
Start from the first line of the first page and end at the last line of the last page. Fill the sixteen pages of foolscap paper. No one reads the answers, who has the time to go through crap written by thousands of people, and being paid peanuts for that checking. I always used to write sixteen pages and was assured of atleast sixty percent marks.