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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

e-Learning Links, Resources, web sites to check and read.

For the first time, I've given a bold heading.

My reasoning for that.

When I write, I write spontaneously, not thinking before-hand about a topic and then progressing to write - like an essay, hence I don't give a Bold Heading (although, it does help in Search Engine Optimization).

I've given a bold headline to this post, as

a) I want this for my ready reference.
b) I had decided before-hand that I'm going to find information about these things and put it online.
c) The Bold tag will help in Search Engine indexing (although, even without it, this post will be on feedster in a couple of hours).
d) This will remind me to check and read from these links.

So here are the links. Links of use. To check and read.

Instructional Design Models.
I have to check the above link. This link has links to a lot of
e-learning resources.

ADDIE Model.
Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.

Bloom's Taxonomy (Learning Domains)
Bloom's Taxonomy. Competence Levels.

Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience

Instructional Design Theories. Developing Instruction.

Robert Gagne's Conditions of Learning

Introduction to Instructional System Design

Instructional Design Knowledge Base. IDKB. (Lots of Links).

I have to check this extensive collection.

An Introduction to AICC and SCORM.
Registration required.

Instructional Design Resources and Links

I've found a lot of information.
Now to study!

It's pretty simple.
Btw, it's pretty, even when not simple! :-))
(I have a sense of humour!!)
I want to learn these things as I want to get into this field.

Now, if I get a job and learn on-the-job in the field of e-learning
that will be the best way. However, if that doesn't happen, then I'll
learn on my own and then go ahead! There are no courses to teach
Instructional Design. Btw, why am I thinking on those lines? I don't
want to do a course for a certificate, I want to learn a thing that
I'm interested in. And, the best way is to start. I've found the
information, now to read!

I have a lot of advantages. I know technology. I understand search
engines and their way of functioning. I write in a simple, precise,
fluent and effortless way. I am good at explaining things in an easy to understand manner. I am aware of web design and usability guidelines. I enjoy online searching, net surfing. I use the net a lot. I can read, understand, explain and write about a variety of topics. I enjoy reading. And, I Believe in Myself!
So there's nothing to stop me, except myself!