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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Types of Google Searches.

I will give the hyperlinks later.

1. Regular Keyword Search. Cricket Scores
2. String Search. "Cricket Scores"
3. Definition. define:Relativity
4. Title Search. allintitle:Centuries of Sachin Tendulkar
5. Url Search. allinurl:Sachin Tendulkar
(where the url, the web site address includes the words Sachin Tendulkar)
6. Anchor Tags. allinanchor:Sachin Tendulkar
(where the anchor tags include the text Sachin Tendulkar)
7. Filetype. E-Commerce Case Studies filetype:ppt
e-Learning White Papers filetype:pdf
filetype searches for doc, xls, ppt, pdf, rtf, htm, html etc.
8. Cache. cache:http://www.gmail.com/
9. Related (Similar). related:http://www.bartleby.com/
10. Site Search. Hyderabad site:http://www.blogspot.com/
11. Link (Find the no. of Links to a web site. link:http://www.google.com/
12. At least one of the words. use or. India OR Cricket
13. Without the words. Search for Aishwarya without Rai Aishwarya -Rai
14. Image Search. India filetype:jpg India filetype:png India filetype:bmp
15. Groups Search. allingroup:India