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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Visit to Golconda Fort on Saturday afternoon.

Visited Golconda fort today. 12th June 2004. Saturday.

Before coming to Hyderabad, I'd decided I wanted to visit Golconda fort. It took a long time, almost, eight-nine months, still, one fine day, yesterday, I finally went to Golconda fort.

I went to Golconda fort on Saturday afternoon alongwith Achal, Arpee and Parth. We had two bikes, Achal & Arpee on one and Parth and I on another. It was a good outing. We had taken a guide, saw the fort, came to know about it's history, took lots of pics. (I'll put them online next week), had fun, enjoyed the evening! There's a Sound and Light show at the Golconda fort and we sat through that also. It was very good. The entire fort covered with various shades of orangeish red, yellow, green abd blue lighting with the story of Golconda fort being told in the background.

Visiting forts always amazes me about the engineering skills of those years. Some points worth noting.

1. Communications: You clap at the start of the fort and the sound can be heard a hundred and eight feet away (yes, a good 480 feet away!!) at the top of the fort. We went to the top of the fort and we clapped from there and ther person at the entrance of the fort clapped and yes, we could hear the sound, lod and clear! Amazing way of communication, still working fine! Marvellous!

2. Architecture and Sound: The King's courtroom was madce in such a way that while sitting the view is obscured, so that only the window is seen and not the head and if one gets up and tries to throw something, the wall is constructed such that nothing can be directlyb thrown towards the window and even if one claps the whole room vibrates with the sound, leave aside clapping, even if one swishes one's shirt, the sound magnifies and vibrates. Amazing sound architecture!

3. Echo Points: Call from a place and the sound echoes.

4. Air-Conditioned Room: At the top of the fort, the rooms of the king and queen, they're just stone walls now, obviously, still, the cool breeze that comes at anytime of the day is to be experienced to be believed. Amazing architecture. They've made the entrance wide open and the path leading to it very narrow and the wind dashes against the mountains, swirls, creates its own rotational motion, without a fan (wow) and comes inside the room and at any time of the day or night, summer of winter the room is airy. Now, they keep cold-drinks at that place!!!! Wow! :-)

5. The water facility. Pipes taking the water from down to the top of the fort. The water being tested (for contamination etc. by horses before going to the rooms.

So many other things. I gtg now. I'll write later.

I'll visit the fort again. I like visiting forts. The next time, I'll take a book too and read about Golconda Fort and then go!

The main difference between Sinhagad Fort in Pune (it is in absolute ruins) and Golconda is that, Golconda is a Tourist attraction. It is more of a tourist spot, understanding history, the light and sound show, while Sinhagad Fort in Pune is a picnic spot. The ride up Sinhagad fort, especially, when you have a gal clinging to you, is what is great! Sinhagad is a place where you go with friends, enjoy the breeze, enjoy the bike ride. Golconda is a fort in ruins with so much to see, learn, observe!

I enjoyed last evening! :-)

I'm going to Pune in the evening. I'm taking Dadi to Pune. I'll be back in Hyderabad on Tuesday morning.

Yesterday's interview was good. I've done well. I'm going to get a call, I know that. They've said a week's time. Did negotiate about salary too. The work profile is interesting. The salary will be more, hopefully and times are good for me! So cheer up, Brother! I'm going in search of my dreams and slowly getting there! :-)

Btw, had a good discussion with Achal, last afternoon. We talked in general. The problem (not the right word!), Achal's Thought Process and my thought process are totally different. I respect the opinion of everyone and each individual has a right to his/her opinions, so nothing against that, but because someone says this has to be done this way, it doesn't always have to be. Right and wrong, happy and sad, good and bad are not lines that you can demarcate them. Achal & I, we're like that, we discuss things, although Achal gets extreme, either he thinks too conservative or else blows up and talks to me in extremes, he didn't even look at me most of the times, anyways, I didn't mind. We can discuss passionately, it's always discussion, never arguments and the next moment crack a crazy joke and laugh! :-)

I'm too hyper. I don't get tired easily. After going for the interview, coming home, going to the netcafe, going out, then going to Golconda, running, climbing, laughing, clicking photos, standing on walls, going to the photo studio, the same evening for developing the roll, buying a new roll, going at 85+ on LV Prasad road, stopping by for a Lemon candy, going home, taking a walk for half an hour, having dinner and then again taking a walk and then I wanted to go out! I need sweat rolling down my forehead, I need freedom, happiness! Yesterday was a good, morning, afternoon, evening, late evening and night.

I'm at the netcafe writing this. I'll go home. Achal, Arpee, Dadi and Parth have an 'Upvaas' (Fast) today. I've never understood this thing about fasts. We are eating, ok, something else, and it is a fast. We shouldn't call it that. It's only a change of menu for the day, instead of dal-roti and sabji, eat something else. That way!

Thoughts about Parth, later on. Must say, Ahmedabadis are strange. (Hey, no offence meant to anyone! :-) Chill! :-))
It is difficult to find a hotel, restaurant, eating-joint in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh that serves food without onions and garlic. The one place I know of is 'Utsav' at Secunderabad, a good twenty kilometres away from our place. We could have easily gone out for dinner last evening, but didn't go as Parth doesn't eat onions and garlic, so Arpee made 'Pohe' at home and we had 'Sev-pohe' and tea!

Enough for now. More later. Bye for now! Cheers! Chirayu

I'm thinking of going to a company in Pune. I'm in Pune on Monday. It is a working day, so I may as well go and meet them! Depends on how tired am I! :-)