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Friday, June 11, 2004

I'll be 28 next weekend. I'm resigning from this job in the evening. I have an interview tomorrow. I'm going to Pune on Sunday evening. I may not come back to Hyderabad, even if I get the job after tomorrow's interview. I want to join a gym. I want to play football in the rains. I want to go for a looooong bike ride. I'm bored! I want to take a vacation. Go to Goa. Go to Sinhagad Fort. Visit Bushy Dam near Khandala. Visit Khadakwasla Lake.
Go for a very looooong bike ride with someone special!

Last year, on my birthday, I'd made a list of things that I'd like to do in the next one year. It's time to review that list and check the status. Have I been able to do all that I'd mentioned on my list or quite a lot or very little.
I'll put that list online in a few days.

So, I'm resigning this evening. Yes, I do have a notice period and all that, but, I don't care. I don't mind, not being paid for this month.

Here is the draft of my resignation letter.


Sub: Resignation

This is Chirayu from Secunderabad.

Please accept my Resignation from the position of a Content Developer.
Today is my last day in this office. I won't report for work from Monday onwards.

Please let me know of the formalities to be completed, if any?
Also, let me know whether I'd be getting the salary for these thirteen days?

I'm bored at work. I want to do something else, hence the decision to move from this place. I'm planning to join an e-learning/knowledge management company.

Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it!

God Bless!


"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

So, I've written the draft. Now, I've got to send this through mail in the evening. Will I do it? Yes, I want to. Although, rationally, it would be foolish! :-) Leaving one job without having another in hand. I want to be unemployed for a few days, atleast one! :-)
I'll take the interview tomorrow and then decide whether I want to work in Hyderabad or try in Pune or some other place. I haven't worked in Bombay. I want to work in Bombay. Bombay is my kind of a city.

I've written above that I'm going to send this mail. Even I don't know whether I will. It will be a spur of the moment decision in the evening. Although, I don't think, it's that big an issue. If I want to go, then, it's my life, it's my pace and I decide what I want to do with it!

Any of you reading this, working in e-learning, content development, knowledgement management, online research, internet marketing, search engine optimization, web design and usability, web development etc. please let me know, if you have to outsource your projects from US or any other place to India. I'm interested in doing Freelance work. Ultimately I do want to work on my own. Start something of my own.

I have to register on elance.