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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Google Search Tip. Related Search.

The best way to find sites similar to your query is to do a related (Similar Pages) search.

I searched for "Search Engine Forums" as a string (phrase) search.
A string (phrase) search is done by enclosing the words in double quotes, as compared to a regular keyword search.

The first search result for the above search query was that of searchengineforums.com
I did a related search on that and got most of the other sites related to Search Engine Forums.

Google Related (Similar Pages) Search Example: related:www.searchengineforums.com
The same results are obtained by clicking on the 'Similar Pages' link in the description of the search result.

The above search query means, search for the sites related to the web site (similar to, like the) web site of searchengineforums.com