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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I need to change my work profile. I'm not learning anything. I am stagnating.
I am not doing any work. I don't have anything to do. No one is doing any work, although won't be right for me to comment on my colleagues, I'll keep this to myself. I come to office at around 09:15, I reached office at 09:45 this morning. I surfed a few sites, read the newspapers online, checked my Gmail account, checked some job sites, read blogs, surfed sites, checked pics, did some searches on google, wrote some posts, checked my blog and it was time for lunch. After lunch, its 02:05 pm on a sunny afternoon here in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. I'm in office typing this.
I need to seriously search for a job, most probably, in Pune.

For the time being, I'm going to download and chat on Mirc.

I should be able to answer these questions.

1. Why do you want to change your job?
Ans. I'm interested in the fields of online writing, internet marketing, online research and allied activities. I joined my job as a Content Development, however, my work profile is more related to content research, collection and aggregation with very little or almost no writing work. I need a change. A change of work profile. I want to get in the e-learning industry. I want an opportunity to work in e-learning, instructional design and related areas.

2. Do you have Instructional Design/e-Learning experience?
Ans. No, I don't have Instructional Design experience. However, I'm a very fast learner and with my experience of web authoring, online writing and my fluent and effortless way of writing I would easily be able to learn Instructional Design. Right now, I'm learning Instructional Design from various resources on the net. I have done web content authoring and development work. I'm looking for a chance to work in the field of e-Learning.

3. Why do you want to join an e-Learning company?
Ans. I like to teach. I like technology. I have a techno-commercial profile. I have good English communication skills. I am a good writer. I want to do this work. I want to teach people. I want to use the power of technology and global communication to impact the lives of people and I'm not merely saying these words. I was earlier working with a Gaming/Gambling based ITES company from there I'm now working with a small software company working on a start-up project. My line of reasoning is, "If all the Gambling Companies in the world close, it is a Business and there will be losses, however it won't impact the life of people, but even if one child remain illiterate it does affect the world." I don't want to waste my life earning 'x' amount at the end of the month. I want to live my life to change the world in my own small way. This is what I want to do. I want to be an online teacher.

4. You keep on changing jobs, saying you're not satisfied with your work profile. If that is the case then you will leave our company in six months.
Ans. It is a question of Progress v/s. Stability. Stability necessarily does not always mean Progress. In the same context, Speed and Change also do not always mean Progress, however my line of thinking is, "If I like to do something and I want to do something so who's stopping me from going there?" If I get a chance to work in an e-Learning company, I'd prefer to stay with the company and learn. However, yes, I cannot say whether I will leave the job after six months or I will not leave the job. It depends on what I have learnt and am I happy with what I am doing?

5. You don't have experience in e-Learning/Instructional Design. You don't know about these concepts?
Ans. Theory can always be learnt. And, after that if the work is intellectually stimulating and that which I like to do, then, as I mentioned earlier, I'm a very fast learner and I'll definitely pick things fast. I'm the kind of a person who doesn't like to be taught, but likes to learn. I don't like to be taught. I like to learn.

I'd taken a test at a company in the last week of May and they haven't yet updated me about the further progress. Why cannot HR send a simple mail and inform. There may be three reasons. One - They're too busy sorting applications that they don't have the time to check their mails, two, they haven't yet started the process of recruitment, they're waiting for more CVs to flood their mailboxes, three, they're too lazy to reply.. whatever!

I'm not feeling satisfied with what I am doing.

Right now, I'm writing such long posts on my blogs, updating them frequently, spending time reading poems, quotes, sayings, newspapers online, articles etc. That is beacuse I have the time to do it. I don't mind checking my mail twice a day and updating my blog only over the weekend, provided I have that work to do.

It's a Dilbert scenario. I'm getting paid for doing nothing.
I like work. I'm hyper about work. I can't sit idle. And, here I am, because I'm getting paid, wasting ten hours of my life daily!

Acchi khasi aaram ki naukri hai, kayko chodneka.
It's a well-paying, easy-going job, why to leave?
Wohi to vanda hai, apneko aaram pasand nahin hai...
That's the problem, I don't like an easy-going job!

I want to work in Pune. The loneliness at office, at home is getting to me.
I'm in office for about ten hours. Reach home by 8 in the evening. Then again, I don't have anything to do. Earlier, I used to watch TV and used to pass time. Now, Arpee is there. She is preparing for tests/interviews and she studies in the evenings, so I don't watch TV. So that source of entertainment too is over. Yes, I can go for bowling, I can go for movies, take a walk in the park, visit gardens, go for shopping, buy books etc, do so many things, but again who's there to do all that with me. I'm all alone.