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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Popular Searches on Google in 2006

Most popular search queries on Google in 2006. See the 2006 year-end Google Zeitgeist. Seems like Google doesn't want to share a lot of data, or the work has been done as a quickfix before the Christmas holidays. This year's Zeitgeist data is less comprehensive and boring as compared with last year's search trends.

- Google Zeitgeist India. Most popular searches on Google India.
- Google Zeitgeist Around the World. Monthly International search trends
- Google Zeitgeist USA
- Google Zeitgeist this week
- Google Suggest shows matching search queries in a dropdown box as you type.

- Google Trends compares search queries (separate search queries by commas. You may compare five search queries at a time) and shows their monthwise relative popularity.
For example: See Google Trends for airlines of India.

- Google Coop lets you create your own customized search engine.