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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Lovely Verse and a Regional Language Search Thought

Aur kyaa dekhane ko baakii hain
Aap se dil lagaa ke dekh liyaa

What else is there to see
I've seen my heart's longing for you

- Read Hindi poetry on the Internet.

# To do: Post a collection of Indian regional language Web sites on the Internet. Google and Yahoo! index regional language sites that are encoded in UTF-8. Most Indian regional language Web sites are not in UTF-8 and hence are not indexed by Google.

For example, a generic search for say, 'Hindi' on Google doesn't provide more than 15-20 actual Hindi language Web sites, that is Web sites that have content in Hindi.

Google has a search interface in Hindi, but it doesn't have Hindi language search (that is, search for pages written only in Hindi), or in any other Indian language.

To add to the above. An actual indication of Hindi language content on Google can come by trying for a search in Hindi. Use a Hindi keyboard to type for example, 'Vijay', which is a common name in Hindi and also means 'Victory'. Enter it in Google to see the number of pages indexed by it. See there are only 15 results in Hindi for Vijay. This illustrates the above point.

To download and try Baraha IME.