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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Heavy Rains

Wow, that's a thunderous start to the day. Heavy rains from last night. It looks so beautiful looking out the window, listening to the continuous pitter patter of raindrops and watching the silent ones fall from the tip of long leaves, one by one. The view is beautiful from my bedroom window.

It's true that if one has a moment to spare each window has a story to tell. It feels good blogging about the rains. There's this tree whose long pointed leaves almost touch my window pane and it looks lovely watching the raindrops hang at the tip of leaves, a few of them don't fall and the others drop slowly one by one. There is joy in the small things of life. I'm an outdoors person. Give me the rains, the mountains, and the wind on my face. I like it. I'm happy. :-)

To conclude, writing about the bad roads would be another story. :-)

If Pune's climate combines with Germany's roads and Brazil's beaches it would be heaven on earth. :-)

Updates: 8pm IST on Sunday, Aug 6, 2006. It hasn't stopped raining and there's more rain forecast for the next 24 hours. 10pm - It has stopped raining and 10:30pm started again.