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Friday, August 05, 2005

Pune's Potholed Roads

Pune's roads are in a bad condition is an Euphemism and good roads in Pune is an Oxymoron.

Copy of email sent to Pune Times this morning.

Please show pictures of the beauty of Pune's roads instead of beautiful girls on Page 3 of Pune Times.

Take pictures of Ganeshkhind road going from Shimla Office signal toward Rahul Theatre signal. The stretch of about 750 metres consists of a series of craters in assorted shapes.

Pune Times should keep on highlighting information on lack of civic facilities, as it reminds the authorities to keep on working. Why can't they construct sturdy roads that last a monsoon?

It rains for a week, then the potholes are filled, again it rains, and the craters appear again.

Please spend an afternoon and take pictures of Pune's potholed roads, the above location is near your office, and for a change instead of phases of Koel Purie's face, maybe Page 3 can carry the phases of Pune's potholed roads.

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