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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Facts and Figures on the Blogosphere

Blogosphere Statistics:

Technorati, the blog search engine, tracks over 14.2 million blogs and over 1.3 billion links.
# To draw an analogy, 14.2 million ~ equals the population of Bombay and 1.3 billion ~ equals the population of India.

- The blogosphere continues to double approx. every five-and-a-half months.
- A new blog is created about every second and there are over 80,000 created daily.
- About 55% of all blogs are active and that has remained a consistent statistic for at least a year.
- About 13% of all blogs are updated at least weekly.

Read Technorati founder and CEO David Sifry's complete report on the state of the blogosphere. Information via John Battelle's Searchblog.