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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Our world spins with purpose and precision, however sometimes it takes the rain Gods to turn things topsy-turvy.

It is raining since last night. Potholes have reappeared (in Pune they are never lacking), vehicles are moving at a snail's pace, and there are unscheduled power cuts.

Low-lying areas of the city have been flooded with water released from dams near Pune.

It takes me 25-30 minutes to reach home and it took 65 minutes this evening. There was a major traffic jam, mid-way through, from Wadia College to Yerwada.

A power cut to disturb sleep early in the morning and then low voltage at home late in the evening.

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, has come to a standstill with local train services suspended, power cuts in suburban areas, flooded roads, traffic jams, and disrupted mobile and landline services. Read more on Satish's Bombay blog.

The Meteorological dept. predicts heavy rains for the next 24 hours throughout Maharashtra.