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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Random lines on a slow afternoon at work.

Looking out of the open window
Traffic flows on the road
Not one beautiful girl in sight
Colleague asks me, "Will it rain?"
I say, "If you want it to, it should!"

The Internet connection was down for an hour
Abhijeet's crow is sitting on the neem tree
I'm going to take a pic. and put it on our Web site.
We may not have a bottle of water to drink, but we have our customised crow!
That's something to crow about!

Co-worker checks a poem in her email.
I ask her to forward it to me.
She says, "It's in Marathi!"
I surprise her by speaking in Marathi!

A few gray clouds appear in the sky
Seem to be moving but are at the same place
Same as my work here

I tell my co-worker to change the grey colour on the Web page
She says no. Then adds in good humour,
Get used to listening to no from girls
You're going to get married! :-)

The problem with the rat race is that even if you win you are still a rat.