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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombay Blog

I like to read Satish VijayKumar's BombayLives blog. His blog brings alive life and times in Bombay.

Read his post, Baarish Ka Dushman, about the entrepreneurship of Bombay and the one about a joke in a suburban local. Nice ones. Posts contain mild offensive language that blends with the mood of writing.


Nice song from the film Paanch (2002).

Kya din kya raat hai yahan par, yeh saala dono barabar
Na raaste kabhi ho khaali, na band hoti hai gaali

- Read the complete lyrics of Kya Din Kya Raat Hai Yahan Par
- Download MP3, 0.8 MB of the song Kya Din Kya Raat Hai Yahan Par...Yeh Kaisa Hai Shehar from the film, Paanch.