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Monday, July 18, 2005

Dentist's Address

For my ready reference:

Dr. Milind Desai's Dental Clinic
1st Floor, Vishnu Darshan,
Opposite Bank of Maharashtra,
F.C. Road,
Pune - 411 016.
Tel: 2565-3354

I'd been to the dentist's clinic this morning. I'd to shell out Rs. 50/- for a 5-minute consultation.

I've to take an appointment to clean calculus* from my teeth.

* Calculus - Hard sticky film that acts as an irritant by wedging between the tooth and gum.

An interesting thing: I found addresses of dentists in Boston, MA from Google and Yahoo searches, however I couldn't find more than a few addresses of Pune-based dentists. Goes to prove, the Internet as a business generating medium is yet to catch on with individuals in Pune who have their own businesses.

Update: Tue., July 19, 2005. 12:40 p.m. IST.
A note in my diary.
Went to the Dentist's this afternoon. Didn't have to take an appointment as the clinic was empty. Paid Rs. 250/- as the cleaning charges.