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Friday, June 03, 2005

What's New at Google?

- Google Research Publications
PDFs of Research Papers written by Google employees.

- Google Sitemaps (Beta) is an experiment in crawling the web that enables the Google spider, Googlebot to find what pages are present on a Web site and which of them have recently changed.

Update: Tue., 7th June 2005. 11:32 a.m. IST.

Add a plain Text file Sitemap

1. Open Notepad and write the URLs of all the Web pages on your Web site.
2. Name the plain text file as urllist.txt
3. Upload the text file on your server.
Example: http://www.yourwebsitenamehere.com/urllist.txt
- Log-in to Google Sitemaps
- Click on the Add a Sitemap link
- Enter the URL (link) of your urllist.txt file.
Example: http://www.yourWebsiteNameHere.com/urllist.txt
- Click on the Submit URL button
- Your Sitemap has been submitted to Google Sitemaps (as a plain text file)

- A good read: An article on Nikesh Arora, Director of Google's European operations.

- Meet the Google Engineers at WebMasterWorld's conference in New Orleans.

- Google's Summer of Open Source Code.