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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Between Drops - Poetry in Motion

This is what I call a Poetry in Motion. Read the flow of words—fast and unstoppable. Read the words and stop at the colours to feel the flow of the poem after those words. It's a beautiful poem. Don't you think so?

Between Drops

A twisted streak
of multi-colored

pirouettes* across
the belly of a
cottage cheese sky

above a shimmering river
where lines of trees
outstretch their
every limb to

catch the drops
of fat fat rain

freely falling
down below
wet lovers

slowly kissing
in the late afternoon

where dancing hands
madly rub on
concealed delights
begging to wake

before the roll
of sonorous thunder

bounces off the
steel & glass canyon

reflecting the shadows
that takes them away

~ Charles Lara

* pirouette: spin, turn

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