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Friday, May 13, 2005


At Work - SEO
I've taken the responssibility of SEO at work. They were paying 'x' amount to a company and were going to pay 'x' Pounds for another deal. I've taken a month's time, and given them the suggestion to put both companies on hold. I'll do the work.

This will be a good chance for me to try RSS, and blog-based marketing for SEO.
The challenge is in getting on Google for generic keywords through blogs.
I'll experiment with the latest in Search, blogs, marketing, RSS, and search marketing.

There are lots of web sites for discount hotels, low rates, best hotels, cheap hotels etc., and related keywords with thousands of backlinks for major players, so the option of getting on top with backlinking won't work for generic keywords, it may work for specific keywords.

I'm planning to use blogs at work for all our sites, link them to each other, and link to all web sites from each post and check results on Google. Let's see. I'll write about my experiments and the results they generate.

Getting on Yahoo! with a blog takes 2 days. Getting on Yahoo for generic keywords with blogs is an experiment that I'm trying.

We can also try Overture's international option of paid ads and paid RSS Ads on Feedster. More than that I'm trying for Organic SEO with quality backlinks for Google. Don't plan to get hundreds of links, but get a blog on Google for related keywords and then direct the user to our web sites by linking to them on each post.

Yahan pe accha hai. Paisa thoda kam hai, lekin woh badha sakte hai. Facilities kam hai, woh bhi aa jaayegi. Kaam hai, baaki naya seekhne ke liye time hai, and I'm bringing changes, initiating plans, taking responsibilities. Work is boring sometimes, but it's good in a way. I'm doing lots of activities. I'm doing writing, search marketing, project mgmt., research, internet marketing, PPC, project co-ordination, liaison, operations, interviews, client communication, and much more. The workplace is dull but I've plans to get people involved. Take them out for parties. I'll suggest Pizza on Saturdays and snacks in the evenings; a team dinner, an outing to a bowling complex, going for a movie on Saturday, celebrating birthdays; a cricket match on Sunday, or an evening out at a pub. Kuch to karenge yaar!