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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Today's ToI - Sunday Edition Supplement

Today's Sunday Supplement of ToI is fit for the dustbin. Check the Life section. The ToI wants its readers to know the sexual fantasy of a Bollywood actress. Sex sells and there's nothing new about it. Out of a million happening things they want their readers to read this.

There are thousands/millions of Web sites that provide this information, so what's the difference between The ToI and some glamour/babe Web site that provides this info. Nothing!

ToI please get an official name change from The Times (Slimes) of India to The Spicy Tabloid of Glamour in India and don't forget the 'Zoom' suggestive Os in it.

Gaurav writes on his blog that even the content in the ToI article is made up (by the actress herself). Read the actual story here. (Link via Gaurav)