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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Save your Searches with Google's 'My Search History'

What's New at Google?
Google My Search History (Beta)

Google's My Search History allows users to personalize their search experience. It allows users to save, search, track, and retrieve their searches.

Login with your GMail address and use Google My Search History to
- Save your searches to find them later on
- See the searches that you've made on Google
- View the results that you've clicked on
- Read about the results that you haven't clicked on
- Find the number of searches made daily
- Search for and retrieve older searches
- Find results within your personalized searches
- Check web pages that you'd searched for
- See your search history, the searches that you've made on Google

There's also an option to remove the searches that you've made from your search history list. You can also tell Google to pause indexing your search history.

Suggestion for Google:
Please allow users to categorize their My Search History.
For example, if I search for India Pakistan cricket, allow me to sort and categorize my results under a category for easy reference. This will increase the usability of My Search History.

There are no questions about privacy. One need not worry about it. Just as emails in your GMail mailbox reside on Google's server, the same applies to your personal search history. It is as safe as GMail. Plus there is an option to pause collection of search history and even remove the indexed searches. So there are no questions of privacy. If you are safe using GMail and any other email, you are as safe using Google My Search History. Give it a try. It is good.

I also like Yahoo!'s personalized search, mysearch.yahoo.com, which gives the option of categorizing search results. Google too should give an option of categorizing search results in My Search History.

Login with your GMail address and try Google's My Search History (Beta).

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