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Friday, April 29, 2005

Jargon Joke

I'm in a happy mood. Let me write a joke that I thought of this evening.

Three software guys are discussing their companies and work.

First: I'm a senior software developer. My company builds cutting-edge, scalable solutions that deliver real-time, strategic, business critical analysis that empowers managerial decision-making to cut costs and improve productivity, which results in increased revenues and greater shareholder loyalty.

Second: I'm a software consultant. My company deploys a best-of-breed brick-n-mortar solution that follows critical quality control procedures and accelerates time-to-market, slashes time-to-manufacture, increases ROI, improves productivity, cuts costs, and impacts the bottom line of verticals, which adds value to the faith of investors in our endeavor to enhance the quality of life in this digital age by generating revenues that fuel the growth of a bellwether stock like ours. (Note: He was a consultant, so he knew more 'words' than the developer)

The third guy kept silent.
The other two asked him with an egoistic and scornful look, "So, what do you do for a living, eh?"

Third: I am a Web writer. I write the 'buzz' words that make your solutions what they are.
Btw, what's cutting-edge? :-)

Chill, it's a joke. Thought of this on my way back home from work. Btw, I do use accelerates decision-making.

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