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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Google AdWords Keyword Matching Options

1. Choose keywords to display your ad with Google AdWords.
Google AdWords Keyword Tool helps in choosing keywords for Ads.

Keyword Matching Options for Google AdWords Ads.

  1. Broad Match
    digital cameras
    Ad appears for any of the words.

    * used cameras - ad will show
    * buy cameras and digital watches - ad will show
    * see digital photos of canon cameras - ad will show
    * print digital images - ad will show

  2. Phrase Match
    "digital cameras"
    Enclose keywords within double quotes "" for a phrase match.
    Ad appears for searches that include the phrase with words before or after it.

    * compare digital cameras under $450 - ad will show
    * digital cameras - ad will not show
    * buy digital cameras - ad will show
    * digital cameras for free - ad will show

  3. Exact Match
    [digital cameras]
    Enclose keywords within brackets [] for an exact match.
    Ad will appear for only the exact match.

    * digtal cameras - ad will show
    * buy digital cameras - ad won't show
    * find digital cameras for $400 - ad won't show
    * cameras digital - ad won't show

  4. Negative Match
    digital cameras

    Ad will appear for the any of the broad match words without the word used.

    * bid for used cameras - ad won't show
    * used cameras - ad won't show
    * best digital cameras - ad will show
    * cameras and digital photos - ad will show
    * buy used digital cameras - ad won't show

Which keyword matching options do you use?
I prefer the exact match. I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

2. Find ad keywords with Overture Keyword Selector Tool.
Overture Keyword Selector Tool suggests keywords to use for promoting your ads. Overture is now known as Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions.

- Overture treats singular and plural words the same.
For example, atlanta hotel and atlanta hotels are treated the same.
- Google AdWords treats singular and plural as different words.
For example, ads shown for the keyword atlanta hotels are different from the ones shown for the keyword atlanta hotel.

3. See AdSense ads that will appear on your web page.
Google AdSense ads finder shows contextual advertising AdSense ads that will appear on a web page based on page content.

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