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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Category: Personal

Waiting for some vague tomorrow. Hoping for some one or some thing to show you the way.

What is happiness? Why am I not happy? What the f*ck will make me happy? Money - No.

I don't have any friends, that's why I'm unhappy.
Ek dost nahin hai yaar, a shoulder to cry on or a friend to just share thoughts.
How long will I write a diary, or chat on the net, or just be unhappy.

I need a friend, over and above the work I do, the money I earn, or am going to earn, the clothes I wear, the bike I ride, and a hundred other things.

Mujhe ek dost chahiye yaar!

All alone everywhere.

Loneliness is a state of mind, and one can be at ease in a crowd and one can be agitated in sylvan surroundings. Whatever is there in this world, is all between the two ears.

Whenever I work, I feel what am I doing yaar. These guys have got projects and I'm working for peanuts. What is preventing me from searching for, and sourcing work from America?

I'm going to take a broadband Internet connection and in two months I am going to get my first project. I am going to start off on my own.

BSNL is going to offer broadband Internet in Pune.

I am friendly, and I have no friends.
Bahut akela lagta hai.