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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Happiest when I write freely

Category: Personal

I am happiest when I write for myself. Write with abandon. Write to read myself, not for others. Write freely. Write what I feel at the moment, like I'm writing this.

Writing makes me happy, teaching makes me happy, and kids make me happy.

My neighbours kids are cute and some times a pain. The younger one, Mahir, he's 24 years younger than me, and he says, "Aye Chirayu, Gaana laga naa yaar, Bon Jovi sunenge," as if we're childhood friends. I like it. :-)

I'll post his picture, once I buy a scanner or a digital camera.

Kuber, the older one, he's in class II, always wants to play RoadRash and after four games, he wants to play more. I allow him, but I do get angry if he insists again.

I have always believed in letting kids play, touch the computer, at the most they will switch it off, or press some keys and hang the computer, but that will remove the fear. The best way to teach kids is to let them explore.

The best way to learn anything is to let go. Just let go of everything and work with abandon.