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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google Video Search

Category: Professional

What's New at Google?

Google's Video Search (Beta) - Search for televised content from Fox News, NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, WB, KNTV, KRON4, and other TV channels. Search for TV shows and programs with Google Video Search.

The results are shown in the form of still images and text links.
On selecting a text link/still image from the search results, a summary of matches is shown. The page provides information about the show, what time it airs, and upcoming episodes alongwith snippets of text and still images. Videos are currently unavailable on Google Video Search (Beta).

Examples of Google Video Search queries.

Search by keywords and channel
- Aishwarya Rai channel:cbs

Search by a keyword, title, and channel
- google title:60 minutes channel:cbs

Find shows on a specific channel
- Sports channel:nbc

Search by keyword and title of the television show
- Monica title:Friends

Search by the title of the show
- title:Fear Factor

Search by channel
- channel:nbc

Read more about Google Video and use the Video Help page for effective searching.

The URL of Google Video Search is http://video.google.com/

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