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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Tanhaa tanhaa hum rolenge mehfil mehfil gaayenge
Jab tak aansuu paas rahenge tab tak geet sunaayenge

Tum jo socho vo tum jaano hum to apnii kehte hain
Der na karna ghar jaane mai varnaa ghar kho jaayenge

Bachchon ke chhote haathon ko chaand sitaare chhuune do
Chaar kitaaben padh kar vo bhii ham jaise ho jaayenge

Kin raahon se duur hai manzil kaun saa rastaa aasaan hai
Hum jab thak kar ruk jaayenge auron ko samajhaayenge

Acchhii soorat vaale saare patthar-dil ho mumkin hai
Hum to us din raae (opinion) denge jis din dhokaa khaayenge
~ Nida Fazli


An English Translation of the above. This needs to be more poetic.

All alone I will cry and sing at celebrations
Till the time I have tears with me, I will sing

What you think, that you know, I tell about myself
Don't delay in going home or else you won't find your home

Let the small hands of children touch the moon and stars
After reading four books, they too, will become like us

From which paths is the destination far-off, which road is easy
When I'm tired and I'll stop, I'll explain it to others

It is possible that people with lovely faces may be stone-hearted
I'll give my opinion on that, the day I get ditched