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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Started early for office at 08:20 reached at 09:35. It normally would have taken 20 minutes. A minor traffic jam at Begumpet HPS and then a major traffic jam at Diamond Point junction. Cars, trucks, two-wheelers, cycles, autos, vans, buses all trying to go in all directions! Stopped by for breakfast at the Diamond Point Cafe. Had six chai, five chhota samosas and one plate idli. Was down with a cold yesterday. I have taken tablets. Thought of wearing a jacket today, then didn't. Enjoyed the cool breeze. I like the wind on my face! It was cool and overcast with a hint of slight rain. A perfect setting for a trip to Khandala or a bike ride to Sinhagad fort in Pune.

Nothing beats Pune in the rains. The greenery, the girls on their Kinetics, garam chai and vada-pav by the roadside tapri and ofcourse the pot-holed roads, the different types of jackets on view and the traffic-jams. Hyderabad is definitely better in infrastructure as compared to Pune. However, this Diamond Point road is one big mess; narrow, pot-holed, without street-lights, no traffic policeman, people jaywalking (what will they do, there's no place) and vehicles parked haphazardly.