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Sunday, July 25, 2004

24th July: Saturday: Went to Abids and then to Charminar, alongwith Mama, Achal and Arpee. I didn't have any cash on me, so I went to the GTB ATM last afternoon, the ATM wasn't working, I thought it would be a technical glitch that would be solved in a couple of hours. Late evening when I went to the ATM, it was still closed and a few policemmen were guarding the Bank. One of them told me that the bank is closed and there are some problems. It was in the news that RBI has stopped all transactions of GTB till 23rd of October 2004. I have five thousand odd rupees in the bank, I won't be able to withdraw it from the ATM's. The GTB ATM's have been sealed. A one time withdrawal of Rs. 10,000 is allowed from the bank. I received a call from our HR executive this morning. They would be crediting our salaries to another bank account. I already have an ICICI bank account, so I suppose, my salary would be credited there. Last evening, had dinner at Chutney's Buffet. It is good for Rs. 130/- per head. I didn't have one rupee with me from last afternoon onwards. Right now, I've fifty odd rupees in my wallet. I'll take some cash from Achal. I was planning to go to Pune this evening, I won't go now, I'll check the bank developments and what information is required by our HR, after that I'll go to Pune, say tomorrow or the day after. I haven't yet received any reply from Bombay, it's the weekend. I'm expecting something positive by the middle of next week.
No plans for today. Wanted to go to Golconda fort, but it's overcast and likely to rain and Mama isn't feeling well after last night's dinner, so won't be going out, I suppose.