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Thursday, July 22, 2004

My pockets are lighter by Rs. 200/-
On my way to office this afternoon, while waiting for the signal to turn green at Punjagutta, a traffic policeman saw the MH-12 number of my bike as opposed to the AP numbers here and he got a good opportunity to make some money. Show your Licence, RC/TC, PUC, NOC and every other document. Obviously, I didn't have anything except the licence, the other documents were at home and I didn't want to go back home get the doc. and again wait for him and would he have returned my bike keys after I'd have showed him all those docs.? Most unlikely. So I took the easy way out, negotiated from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 100/- then he settled for Rs. 200/-. I'm in office now. My pockets, lighter by Rs. 200/-. I thought, instead of spending Rs. 100/- at the netcafe to do some personal work, let's go to office and complete the work from there and I've already spent Rs. 200/-.

Btw, so far, I've spent Rs. 400/- in these six months, paying fines. Rs. 100/- at the Jubilee Check Post, Rs. 100/- at the Airport and now, Rs. 200/- this afternoon at Punjagutta. Why can't I keep the docs, I have them, in my bike. I will, from now, onwards!