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Friday, April 16, 2004

This evening's post is about the traffic in various cities.
Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Bangalore.

Pune: Pune is the city of two-wheelers. City with the most number of two wheelers, the most number of netcafes and the highest pollution in Maharashtra. It would be interesting to find which city has the most number of two wheelers in India. If I'm not mistaken, it would be Pune. In Pune each household, middle class, lower middle class has a two wheeler. One reason for this is that Pune does not have a good public transportation system, as compared to the other cities. The most common mode of commuting is two-wheelers, although the buses are as crowded. I haven't travelled by bus in Pune ever since I got my Bike. Now that I have my bike, here in Hyderabad, so the next time I go to Pune, I'll travel by bus.
In Pune, the traffic sense is hopeless. Very few people follow the traffic rules. Plus the roads are narrow as compared to Hyderabad. How many six lane roads would be there in Pune? Very few!
Now on to the traffic in Pune. People say, agar Pune mai bike chalaya to kahin bhi chalayega. Although I don't think the traffic of Pune is that bad. It has to do with the infrastructure alongwith the traffic sense of people. If there are wide roads then definitely the traffic of Pune will improve.

Hyderabad, Secunderabad: Hyderabad has very good infrastructure. Lots of flyovers, roads without any potholes, well-maintained traffic signals, streetlights, atleast on the main roads. The density of traffic is more, as compared to Pune and Bangalore.
Cars, buses, two-wheelers, autos, minibuses, vans, cycles, scooters all try to outdo each other and even if there are three lanes on each side, still the place is crowded. And this is the case after having so many flyovers.

Bangalore: I commuted by bus in Bangalore. I liked the bus service of Bangalore. The bus service is good, the buses are frequent. Ladies board from the front door and alight from there. The men board and alight from the rear door. There are separate seats for ladies, three to four rows on both sides. The bus fare is very cheap. For a trip from Shivajinagar to BTM Layout, almost 13 kms. it costs only Rs. 5/-. There are two types of buses in Bangalore. The blue and white coloured regular buses and the brown and yellow coloured 'Pushpak' buses which stop at a few select bus-stops.

Pune is a lot like Bangalore. Small roads, two wheelers.
Hyderabad is like Bombay. Although the density of traffic is more in Hyderabad.

In Bombay, traffic in town is of cars. In Hyderabad it is a mix of everything!
In Bangalore, cars, buses and two-wheelers. In Pune, more of two-wheelers.

That's it for now!