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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Post on http://www.gmail.com/

Gmail organises your mails in the form of Conversations.
Each mail and its replies are grouped together.
For example, If you send a mail to ten people and five of them reply to that mail, then all those five mails are grouped together as replies, with different colours separating their replies, and that is a conversation.

This grouping of messages in conversations is a very good feature of Gmail. Gmail also has search facility so you can search for messages, plus by default all replies to a mail are grouped together as Conversations and you can apply 'Labels' to messages and set filters for them.

Coversations in Gmail is a very good feature.
Let me illustrate this.
If I send a mail (say, Hi Friends! How are you doing?) to Ajay, Sunil, Achal, Punit and Nilesh and I receive three replies at different times, on different days (say, Ajay, Punit and Sunil reply), then all those three replies would be grouped together with my mail that I sent them and that means four mails (my original mail and three replies received would be grouped together). This is a Unique feature, besides the whopping 1000 MB of free space! :-) This grouping of mails will help in tracking replies to a mail from different people on a particular topic.

Now about Google's Contextual Advt. Posting on Gmail. Yes, Advertisements are posted on Gmail and they are relevant. Like for example, I'd sent a mail to one of my friends in Hindi and the advertisements displayed were about Punjabi web sites etc. So the advt. mapping is relevant, although, I'm not much concerned about the Privacy issue. Even if the mails are being read to put up advertisements, this is an automated process.

So, my take on Gmail is, I'm happy with it and I don't have any concern about privacy, at present.

Gmail does not have a Draft facility as yet and it also doesn't have the facility to create groups, to send multiple messages. Gmail does have a Contact address book. There is also a facility to create filters.

I'm using Gmail and I'll post more reviews later on.

Have you used Gmail? You'd like to share your thoughts about it? Let me know.

Bye for now!