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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The net connection is down in office due to maintenance work, hence writing this post offline. I'll upload it in the evening.

This post is about thoughts in my mind.
I get restless and impatient very soon.
I thought about it. I think I often concentrate on the end destination and not the journey. The key for me is to enjoy the journey, not hasten to the destination. Instead of that I should enjoy what I do and not concentrate too much on the end result. For example, if a job is given to be completed and there are deadlines, I try to beat the deadlines by way off margins, that is if five days are given to complete the work, I do it in two days, focusing on completing the work and not on enjoying what I do and that is a point I have to improve upon. I don't have to hasten to the destination, I need to enjoy the journey.

I am bringing that into practice, slowly. I have brought that into practice in my personal life and would get that in my profession too.

I try too hard to complete the work and the enormous amout of work makes me forget about enjoying my work and I do 'submission' work, that is, a task is to be completed by this date, complete it and give it, don't think too much about it, don't care whether you enjoy doing it, whether you've learnt something new from it!

In my personal life, I've started to enjoy the journey and not hasten to the destination. Now, in the evenings, on my way back home, I don't rush on my bike, I stop at the cafe to have 'Irani chai', then even when there are traffic jams and they are daily on Begumpet, I try to find calmness in all that noise, I don't honk at all and 'actually enjoy the traffic!!!' :-)

So these were some thoughts in my mind. Put them on paper.

You'd like to share your thoughts about this post?
Let me know your comments!

A Thought for Today.
Enjoy the Journey. Don't hasten to the Destination.

I read 'Fireflies' over the weekend.
Fireflies is a collection of epigrams (short sayings, two-liners, four-liners) written by Rabindranath Tagore.
The theme of 'Fireflies' is Nature (earth, sky, moon, flowers, birds, mountains, rain, spring, clouds, dawn etc.) and human-nature.

Some beautiful sayings from 'Fireflies' that I liked very much.

Faith is the bird that feels the light
and sings when the dawn is still dark.

The net connection is on! So I'm posting this.