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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Create a Custom Search Engine with Google Co-op

Create your own search engine with the sites that you want to search with Google Co-op.

- For example: Try these searches in the Gujarati Blog Search Engine search box on the right-hand sidebar of this Web page. Type your query in Gujarati or English in the search box shown below my profile on this Web page.

Try it. Let me know, if it works, and are the results good? I have added 91 Gujarati blogs in this Gujarati Blog Search engine. The search results appear on a new page.

ગુજરાત, ગુજરાતિ, અમદાવાદ, ગુજરાત સમાચાર, ગુજરાતિ કવિતા, gujarati poems, gujarati, gujarat, gujarati kavita, gujarati poetry, gujarati poems, gurjari, ગુજરાત પેપર, ગુજારાતિ news, amdavad news, gujarati ghazals, gujarati poem, gujarati food, gujarati blogs, gujarati blog, surat, સુરત, વડોદરા, vadodara, mumbai, મુંબઇ, મુંબઇ સમાચાર, પુના, ગુજ્રાતિ સમાજ, etc.

- Use Baraha IME (Input Method Editor) (file size: 1.2MB) to type in Gujarati with an English keyboard.

# For example: samay સમય, raam રામ, vaDodaraa વડોદરા

- You may use a virtual keyboard (choose Gujarati-Gujarati from the Select Search Item dropdown box to access keyboard) to frame search queries in Gujarati.

- Transliterate to Gujarati

- Syndicate Gujarati Blog Search Engine: Add Gujarati Blog Search Engine (on the right-hand sidebar of this Web page) to Google Reader by clicking on the 'Google Reader' button below.

Syndicate Gujarati Blog Search - Add to Google Reader