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Sunday, September 24, 2006

OnYoMo provides local (city-specific) information on your mobiles

OnYoMo, short for On Your Move/On Your Mobile/On Your Mood/On Your Mind/On Your Message, is a start-up search engine that endeavours to provide information to users on the move via their cell phones.

An example: If you're enjoying a Sunday evening on MG Road, Bangalore and you want to find the nearest ICICI Bank ATM to withdraw cash; have no worries if you carry a cellphone, as all you need to do is SMS FIND icici atm bangalore to 8558 and get an instant SMS from OnYoMo with an ICICI ATM address. If you want to read the next result SMS a reply as FIND next to 8558. Note: Each SMS costs Rs. 2/-

I browsed the Web site of OnYoMo and requested for a few queries also through SMS. The search results are good for generic searches like ATMs and bookshops. OnYoMo finds many categories of local searches from Delhi and they are in process of extending these services to Bangalore, Bombay, Pune, and other cities.

Good luck guys and let me know once you start OnYoMo Services for Pune. Wish you all the best. Twenty is the age when you can dream of changing the world and actually believe and do it. All the best and good luck with OnYoMo—the search engine that brings results to you while you're on the move.

Examples of search queries SMSed to 8558.
- FIND hsbc atm bangalore
- FIND crossword bangalore
- FIND barista bangalore
- FIND movies bangalore
- FIND hindi movie bangalore
- FIND english movie bangalore

SMS 8558 to get local (Indian city) search results on your mobile from OnYoMo. Each SMS costs Rs. 2/-

To Onyomo: All the best, guys and let me know if you need help with finding local content for Pune and Bombay.