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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Cyberspace Thought

An online medium is an extension of the real world and the courtesies extended IRL (In Real Life) are the same ones that one should 'ideally' extend to so-called friends in cyberspace too.

And that's why I feel bad when I share information with people and some of them don't even have the courtesy to acknowledge or reply, more so on Orkut, where one would again 'ideally' be in the company of friends.

I'm too much of an Internet person to not have emotions associated with it. Yes, I feel bad when someone doesn't reply to my messages, emails, and scraps; more so in an informal context.

Someone on Orkut made me unhappy last evening and hence this thought.

I am open to criticism. I'm open to praise. I can't stand being ignored. People can like me or they can hate me, but it hurts when people ignore you.

Being praised is a sign of respect and sympathy; being hated is a sign of jealousy and also of praise that one is good to be hated for something, but being ignored is a sign of mediocrity and I hate mediocrity.