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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A personal post after a long time. I had stopped writing personal posts, because there wasn't a point in writing personal posts and then deleting them after a few days.

Things to do:
- Bring more discipline in my life
- Not feel bad, even if a friend doesn't reply
- Whatever time I sleep, whether it is 12am, 1am, or 3am; I need to get into the habit of waking up early, atleast 6:30am.
- Do something with my life other than sitting in front of the computer, like I am now, writing this.
- Remove bitterness (It's easy to write, I need to implement)
- Be happy whatever happens maan, tomorrow is always another hopeful day and good times are going to come.
- Learn a new language - I'm interested in Spanish and Portuguese. Need to find classes.
- Join a datawarehousing course.
- Find another job
- Try for some freelance writing opportunities from US. Search on Bangalore Craigslist.
- Buy a laptop in two months.
- Buy a camera cell phone (I've been writing this since the last one year)
- Plan to honeymoon in Brazil (sipping Caipirinha by the beach) ;-) Need to save money and yeah, find a gal ;-)
- I want some hands on work. Instead of supervising people to do something, I'd rather do it with them.
- It's not what degree you have that matters, it is your passion for work. And with Google as a friend, what's there to stop me?
- It's a big world and I need four good friends to make life meaningful. Right now I can name one—Nilesh—he too speaks of work and job now; need to find three more. Friends with whom you can talk anything other than work or how much one earns or plans for the future.

Let the future unfold itself, hum jaayenge jahan kismat le jaayegi.

Sitaaron se aage ek jahaan aur bhi hai
Abhi ishk ke imtihaan aur bhi hai

There's a world beyond the stars
There are more travails to come in Love

Tu shaheen hai parwaaz hai kaam tera
Tera saamne aasma aur bhi hai

You are a falcon and flight is your life
There are innumerable skies before you

Cheer up, maan. Good times are going to come, and well for the bad times, credit card can always last a month. :-)

This is how I used to write and I planned to write when I started blogging in Feb. 2004. Write to feel happy, to put thoughts online, to make action plans, to share my feelings (with no one in particular and with the world in general).

And I feel I should write this way. Write to be happy, not to make money or to see how many people read my blog from where. Write because I like to, I want to and not to show people how usable, concise, informative, and relevant my writing is.

Go to work because you want to, not because you have to. Finding such a job is not impossible.