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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mobissimo Meta Travel Search Engine

Introduction to Mobissimo

Mobissimo Meta Travel Search Engine www.mobissimo.com Mobissimo is a meta travel search engine that searches over 150 sites across the globe in realtime and displays prices exactly, including taxes and service fees, as shown on the Web sites. Mobissimo searches across travel agents, consolidators, airlines, and international suppliers to provide airfares in real-time (instantaneous, as present on the original Web site). There are no hidden charges and the price you see on Mobissimo's Web site is the price that you pay when you select the link to book ticket/s from the provider.

Mobissimo is a meta search engine—a search engine that searches various travel search engines, travel consolidators, airline Web sites, and travel suppliers. It retrieves and displays fares from over 150 different sites, in real-time, based on search criteria and directs the user to the Web site of the ticket provider to book online.

Mobissimo provides the travel searcher with information that enables easier decision making.

An example: Want to travel from
Bombay to New York Jun 12-18
? Try the One Box search (Fig. 2) on Mobissimo and get the best deals on airline tickets from Bombay to New York. As Mobissimo searches 150+ Web sites it provides a number of options to pick and choose from.

When you see a price that you like and click on the Select link, Mobissimo sends you to the Web site from where it found the information.

Searching Airfares on Mobissimo

1. Types of Searches:

a. Regular search - Fig. 1

Mobissimo Airfare Search - Fig. 1 - www.mobissimo.com
Mobissimo finds best deals on airfares by searching more than 150 travel Web sites.

b. One Box search - Fig. 2
Mobissimo One Box Airfare Search - Fig. 2 - www.mobissimo.com
One Box Search allows data input in a single box for swifter searching. No hazzles of selecting from Calendar popups or date dropdowns. Start location to Destination Month Date. For example - Bom to Nyc Jun 12-18.

c. Power search - Fig 3. and Fig. 4

Mobissimo Power Search - Search Airfares for Multiple Cities - Fig. 3 - www.mobissimo.comSearch airfares for multiple cities with Power search. Want the best deals on airfares from Bombay to Frankfurt, Bombay to Amsterdam, and Bombay to London for Jun 30. Use Mobissimo's Power Search as Bom to Fra;Ams;Lon Jun 3-7.

Figure 4 - Mobissimo finds airfares for multiple cities with a single click.

Mobissimo Power Search finds airfares for multiple cities - Fig. 4 - www.mobissimo.com
d. Activity search - Fig. 5

Mobissimo Activity Search - Fig. 5 - www.mobissimo.com
Interested in a beach vacation in Brazil but don't know where to go?
Try Mobissimo's Activity search and get destinations for a beach vacation in Brazil.

2. Browse through the information provided on the Search Results page.

3. Choose the fares that you prefer. Click the 'Select' link to go to the booking page of that Web site.

4. Make the payment to book your ticket/s.

What's special about Mobissimo?

- The fare you see is the fare you pay. What you see is what you would get if you searched each Web site.

- Searches 150+ Web sites (that's why it is a meta Travel search engine—a search engine that searches the search engines). Knowledge is power and its world is vast. Mobissimo provides travel information at your fingertips with instant access to airfares, hotel rooms, and cars from different travel sites across the world.

- Enables global searching and provides information on International flights and hotels. Try Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro.

- Makes travel searching faster and easier with search options like One Box search (Fig. 2 above), Power search (Fig. 3 above), and Activity search (Fig. 4 above).

Usability Feedback for Mobissimo

Feedback for Mobissimo after browsing through their Web site and trying the various search options and features.

1. Feedback on the Search Loader page of Mobissimo (the page that says 'We're searching various Web sites for the best fares...please wait').

The Advertisement takes a lot of space on the Search Loader page, and as a result the text that says, 'Please Wait...' is pushed to the bottom of the page resulting in scrolling for users to see what is happening and why the search results aren't appearing.

This is a Usability issue. Maybe you could reduce the height of the flash advertisement; else take the 'Please Wait' text to the top of the page.

This feedback is after browsing through your Web site in Firefox browser.

2. Feedback on the Search Results page.

The Search Results that show up have the 'Select' hyperlink at the extreme right hand side of the Web page, which requires scrolling (in Firefox browser). You may keep the 'Select' link in the first column of the search result; else reduce the width of the table so that the 'Select' link doesn't require horizontal scrolling to be seen.

3. You need to give text links on your home page for the icons shown on the top of the Web page.
For example: How would a User know that the 'Beach and Tree' icon is for Activity Search unless the user moves the mouse over that icon.

4. PowerSearch is a good concept. You should advertise it on your Homepage. I could not find a specific link to 'PowerSearch' or 'Search Airfares for Multiple Cities with 1-Click'.

On your home page you could give an example of power searching that is searching airfares for multiple cities with 1-click. For example: nyc to lon;ams;fra jun 13-18

5. You may include more activities in your Activity Search dropdown box. a) Sports Events - For example - Football World Cup 2006 Germany; Cricket World Cup 2007 West Indies.

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