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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Beautiful Lines

Beautiful is the word to describe these lines from Bashir Badr's Urdu shayari.

1. Koii haath bhii na milaayegaa, jo gale miloge tapaak se
Ye naye mizaaj kaa shahar hai, zaraa faasale se milaa karo

No one will even shake your hand if you try and show warmth
This is a city with a new found temperament (pride), keep your distance to meet people.

2. Aisaa lagataa hai zindagi tum ho
Ajnabii jaise ajnabii tum ho

It seems like you are my life
Yet you are a stranger like any other

Doston se vafaa kii ummiiden
Kis zamaane ke aadamii tum ho

Expecting loyalty from friends
You seem to be a person from another world

Read shayari by Bashir Badr.

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