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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Screensaver

Download Google Screensaver (filename: gbsaver.scr, type: .scr screensaver file, size: 636kb); paste it in C:\Windows (for Windows XP) or C:\WINNT (for Windows 2000) users.

Once you've installed the file, right click your mouse button on the desktop, select Properties and set the Screensaver to Google Pack Screensaver from the Display Properties window.

Select the Settings button of the Screensaver, choose the Picture Folder Settings tab to add folders with your favourite images.

From the Visual Settings tab set the Visual Effect to Collage to view your favourite images, with white borders for each photograph, on your desktop.

- Information via Amit's blog.
- Read from the original source.

Here's a screenshot of a collage of images from Google Screensaver. All images from Flickr.

Screenshot of a collage of images from Google Screensaver