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Monday, November 21, 2005

Google Book Search

Google advertises its Book Search initiative on its Home page and makes it clear that 'Google Book Search', which was earlier known as Google Print, searches for keywords entered by the user and it only finds books related to those keywords.

Google Book Search is a book-finding and not a book-reading search engine, and Google seeks support for what it calls its 'Man on the Moon' (thought impossible) mission to scan the world's books, organize them, and make them accessible and useful across the globe.

- Google shows only a few pages of books, and that too if the copyright holders have given them permission to do so.
# For example: Search for History of the Mughal Empire in India on Google Book Search and click on the first search result. Only the front cover, back cover, copyright, index, table of contents and five pages (page nos. 306-310) are shown and the right-hand sidebar provides links to buy the book from different Web sites.

I support Google Search, do you?