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Wednesday, October 05, 2005



Do I have a future in this company would be the wrong question.
Does this company have a future is the right question that I need to answer.

It does. But not thinking big never got anyone anywhere in life.
Any company can make the jump from a small 40-people outfit in an old, dull office frequented by power cuts and slow Internet connection to a swanky glass building with colourful interiors, cafeteria, and entertainment facilities. All they need to do is dream and that's where the question arises, "Does this company have a dream for its employees?" I need to raise this question at the right forum.

Am I like those anonymous millions out there in quest of their daily bread, butter, and if I may say, jam; or does the soul of the Universe say there are better and brighter things destined for me, which may not necessarily mean a job or work in a particular industry.

I have a simple question. Why doesn't the salary in my bank account make me happy? It's just a number, be it more or less.

I need to go to sleep. Buy a camera cell phone tomorrow with video recording facility and be happy. Maybe a bit of self-indulgent shopping would do me good. When was the last time I went shopping for myself? Last Dec., or Nov. or was it Aug?