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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Who's visiting Pune today?

Is some politician going to visit Pune today? Why were the traffic policemen doing their duty on all roads? Yes, you read it right. Doing their duty. It's a surprise, and it only happens when some so called 'public servant' / 'dignitary' visits the city.

Request to Pune's Member of Parliament.

Don't spend money on the Pune Festival during Ganeshutsav next month. Instead of that spare some amount from the MP's fund to fill up Pune's potholed roads.

Step down from your ivory tower, and take a tour of the city; not with thousands of chamchas cohorts/supporters, but as an ordinary citizen. See the state of Pune.

Pune is as bad or even worse than other major cities of India, just because Bangalore has even worse troubles with traffic jams and infrastructure, comparatively Pune appears to hold promise.

I can say from experience.
- Hyderabad has good roads, more flyovers, and a better infrastructure than Pune
- Bangalore, as compared to Pune, has better public transport

An example of PMC's callousness.
COEP signal, which is the junction of traffic from Sangam bridge, Bombay-Pune road, and Sancheti hospital is full of potholes.
The potholes, near COEP's electrical section, going toward Bombay-Pune road are so bad that instead of repairing them, barricades have been put by PMC to *warn* people (hehe..drive/ride at your own risk, is it?) to navigate the potholes.

Still the situation is not as bad as it was in the first two weeks of August. Most of the roads have been repaired, but it's a stop-gap arrangement, and Pune awaits the next round of moderate showers for the city's surface to turn lunar.

Politics is the bane of India and it will remain so till the middle class wakes up from its slumber and votes or else decides not to vote at all.

So long as politicians take development decisions, India won't be anywhere near China. Not in the next 100 years.

Take this simple example. Just because some politician, I don't know and don't care, is going to visit the city, these policemen are working today. Why can't they do so daily?

Today's front page headline in the ToI states, "Pune is the 13th most polluted city in India." Soon it will be the first and any one who rides a bike in Pune, even with a helmet on, will vouch for that.